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Vsoft Technologies

It’s never too late to take your business/organization to the next level. Employ us to give you a higher competitive edge in the market.

VSOFT (K) Technologies is a global ICT solutions provider with offices in Meru (KENYA), we target our products for the African market with the aim of providing high quality tailor made software products and services to our clients.

We provide financial IT systems to all business sectors using a variety of architectures whether on the web platform or on the client server stand alone application. Our value added software caters for all needs of both large scale and small scale organizations.

We strongly believe that the presence of efficient financial system is vital for smooth functioning and productivity in the organization . This confidence is backed by several years of experience in providing quality financial systems to satisfied large scale , medium and small scale organizations in Kenya. Being able to address their Requirements directly has been the key to our success.

Your Software Partner

With many years of experience and client based approach, we’re able to deliver lasting and consistent results.


To be a leading software company in the world providing quality technological services and products that provide equal opportunity to all while improving the livelihood of the society.


To achieve excellence in knowledge dissemination, development and implementation of Computing and Information and Communication Technologies through quality teaching, research, consultancy and corporate social outreach programmes.


Our developers and testers are oriented to do their work right the first time. For important functions, there are multiple levels of checks with both white box and black box testing approaches. This means adopting methods and techniques that prevent mistake and those that do occur are caught as early as possible.


Our project consultancy assignments involve joint application development approach which is considerably aided due to the tools used which enable collaboration on an unprecedented scale. With online shareable knowledge repositories of specs, views and solutions proposed, the confidence level of users and developers is heightened considerably. The users appreciate the visibility provided to them during the entire development and deployment period

The team we constitute for execution of each project can comprise of employees or retainers from outside with expertise in diverse areas such as:

  • System Consultants
  • Quality Control Executives/Testers
  • Customer Support Executives
  • Strategist & Business Analyst

What takes Us Ahead

We are a team of experienced developers having expertise in both PHP,Java and .NET (VB.NET, C#.NET and ASP.NET) platforms with sound knowledge of databases like Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 and MySQL

Software Development
E-Commerce Systems
Mobile App Design
Payment Gateway Integration